There are a lot of “discount” advertising models out there, and here at Sbrocco, we tend to stay away from them.  However, we do make an exception for The Referral Squirrel, because it works.  As the name implies, rather than coming across to the customer as a coupon or discount, the offer appears to be more of a referral to our business, and everyone knows, referrals are the best advertising you can get.  And because the referral comes from business providers, the quality of customer the offers attract is better than the big volume discount shops too!  These are primarily home owners with expendable income who offer us the opportunity to wow them and gain their loyalty.  Our first program with The Referral Squirrel was so successful this fall, we turned around and did another offer just for the agents over the holidays!

– Sara Middleton, Sbrocco Manager

How To Get A ‘Word-of-Mouth’ Marketing Campaign To Thousands of People In Your City Completely Free… (Without Getting Screwed By ‘Daily Deal’ Sites Like Groupon & Living Social)

Before I really dive into this, let me a ask you a couple quick questions…

Are you a local business owner frustrated with marketing ideas that cost too much money and never deliver a tangible return on investment?

Are you tired of being pitched idea after idea… only to see that none of them work like they were promised?

Have you tried a Groupon or LivingSocial only to realize that you ended up losing money on the campaign?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of those questions, then this page may change the way you look at your marketing budget…

The number of ways to grow your business have dramatically changed in the past few years.  Before the internet, our only options were newspaper advertising and direct mail.  Now with the internet, we have an entire sea of new marketing strategies to choose from:

– Pay-Per-Click
– Facebook ads
– Email marketing
– Groupon and Living Social
– Yelp
– Banner ads
– And many, many  more

The problem is that traditional marketing techniques are out of date… (when was the last time you bought something from a newspaper ad?)   And, at the same time, most of these new online techniques require lots of time, energy or money to make them effective.

So we’re starting to see a new style of marketing emerge.  And it’s called “Joint-Venture Marketing” (or JV marketing for short.)

JV marketing is getting two people together who trust each other and they recommend one another to their friends, family and past clients.

Example – If you own a restaurant and I’m a real estate agent, we run a campaign together where I promote your business to all of my friends, family and past clients.  I would pay for the marketing campaign because I want to use this as a way to get referrals from my past clients.

You don’t have to pay for anything.  All you have to do is give my clients an incentive to come through your doors.  Some sort of offer like ‘Buy-A-Meal-Get-Something-Free.”

Before you think this is just another ‘daily deal’ pitch, let me explain why that’s not the case.  There are two big differences… 1)  Daily deal sites bring you crappy customers.  People looking for daily deals are like vultures.  They’re always feeding off the cheap sites and they’ll never come back to pay full price.  2)  Daily deal sites take half of your profit.  However much money should go to YOU, ends up being split 50/50 with them… even when you do all of the work.

When you run a JV campaign with us, you’re getting only positive, word-of-mouth marketing to people from one of their trusted resources.  It’s not people searching for cheap deals… it’s a person reaching out to give a gift to their friends and family and past clients.  So they’re much better customers.

And second, you don’t pay a dime.  You keep all of the profit.  We think you shouldn’t have to do anything more than offer a simple deal (that is profitable for you.)  You shouldn’t have to offer a killer deal and THEN only get 25% of the revenue from what the deal brings in.  You keep all the profit.  Period.

So How Exactly Does This Work?

I have a bunch of real estate agents in your city who run these types of promotions every month.  So we partner with 12 local businesses per year.  You and I will work together to design a beautiful looking postcard and digital gift certificate agents can send out to their lists of friends, family and past clients.  (See our ‘Recent Promotions’ for examples.)

When the template is designed, I customize each card with the local agent’s name, head shot, contact info and logo.  So it looks like they’ve built this just for their top supporters.  This increases the trust level and makes more people want to come visit your business.

On the 7th of every month, these designs go out to the agents and then they send these out to their lists via email and direct mail.  The offers expire seven weeks later, so they’re only in the public domain a short period of time.

If you’re selected to work with us, you’ll get a completely customized, ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing campaign to 5000-10000 people in your city for free.  Our demographics are generally people in their late 20′s to early 50′s  with average to above average income levels.

We pay for all of the design work and all of the cost to send out the campaigns.  Then, when people come in your door, you keep all of the revenue from each offer.  You pay nothing.  Period.  (We’re able to do this because the real estate agents pay us a small monthly fee to organize the campaigns for them.  That’s how we make money.)

We only work with 12 local businesses each year and our spots fill up quickly.  If you’re interested, give me a call right now and I’ll answer any questions for you.   Call Steve at 515.202.0398

This is one of the most cost effective, unique styles of marketing that is ‘under-the-radar’ for many people.  Financially, it’s way more effective than a ‘daily deal’ site.  And the coolest part is that you don’t have to spend a single cent to acquire customers.  Because of how effective it is, (and because we only have 12 slots available per year) we’re extremely selective with who we work with.  So call me right now to see if we’d be a good fit.

I'm interested in hearing more, please contact me.



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