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Here are a few common questions we get asked. All of the answers are below.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT Thing I Need To Know About This Strategy?

The National Association of REALTORS published a survey proving that 74% of ALL clients are generated from a direct knowledge of the agent or a referral from a trusted source.

But the shocking part is that 95% of agents are missing a reliable marketing SYSTEM that will generate leads and referrals for them, month in and month out, regardless of the economy.

The key is having a system in place so that you will generate new business, regardless of the amount of time you spend asking for them.

Every Top Producer has built a business on solid systems that work.  Investing in one system that works can easily multiply your income because one system will free up your time to build other aspects of your business.

Bottom line:  It is nearly impossible to built a business that will consistently net six figures and allow you to live a life of fun and freedom if you don’t have solid systems in your business that will continually generate new leads and prospects for you.

I’ve Seen All Kinds of “Marketing Strategies” for Realtors… Why Is This So Different?

A mentor once told me to look at what everyone else is doing in an industry and do something completely different.  This will put you ahead of 80% of people, regardless of the industry you go into.

What does a ‘typical’ real estate agent send?   Email blasts. Newsletters. Ads in local papers. Social media.  Postcards begging for a referral while giving nothing in return.

All of those things are nice… but you have to ask yourself, “What VALUE will clients get out of those?”  Sure, it’s nice to send your clients a reminder to set their clocks back for daylight savings.  But wouldn’t you rather send a gift that clearly has a $10-20 value associated with it?

By sending your clients a free meal or tickets to a show, you’ll instantly stand out among the real estate industry because very few agents consistently deliver value to their clients, month in and month out.

What Are Your Past Campaigns?

You can view all of our past campaigns here.

What Is The Best Way to Send the Referral Squirrel?  Email? Newsletter? Postcards?

We’ve found that postcards are super effective.  More than typical direct mail pieces because there is so much value associated with them.  People instantly recognize the value associated with them and they’re hesitant to throw that way.  So instead, these postcards go straight to the refrigerator until your clients can use them.

From working with dozens of agents, this seems to be the best combination for results and keeping costs low:

Segment your ‘A-list’ friends, family and clients into a separate group.  They’re the people who will mention your name anytime they hear someone looking for a home.  For most people, their A-list will be around 70-100 people.  Send this group your postcards.

Then take the digital card and blast it to everyone in your A and B list.    Copy and paste the email template that we give you and watch the responses come flying in.  For most people, this group is around 150-200 people total.

Using both of these maximizes the amount of people you’ll hit for a relatively low price.

What Are Other Ways Agents Use This?

Because we have no limits on the number of people you can send to, I’ve had creative agents share with me innovative ways they’ve used these cards to generate referrals… Here are a few:

1)  Prospect A Farm List  –  One agent sends this to a list of people in his neighborhood as a way to introduce himself around.  This is helping him become ‘that nice guy who sends all the special offers’ each month.

2)  ‘Thank You’ gifts for Open Houses – One agent prints these off and hands them out as ‘thank you’ gifts for stopping by open houses.  That way people leave with something valuable that has the agent’s face on it.

3)  “Item of Value” in a newsletter – Some of our agents send physical newsletters every month.  They print our offers off and stuff them into the newsletters as their ‘item of value.’  This makes people eager to get their newsletters every month.

4)  Hand Out at Community Events – One agent takes these to her daycare and hands them to other parents.  It’s a great way for the parents to save money and do a family activity.  Plus it’s a great reminder of why they should do business with the agent.

5)  Increasing Readership and Responses to E-Newsletters – One agent adds these in his e-newsletter each month.  He’ll run a contest to win a specific prize.  And, since there’s no extra cost to send these, he’ll email everyone who responds one of these certificates.

What Is The Limit On How Many People I Can Send To?

There is no limit.  You can send to as many people as you’d like.  You have the complete freedom to use the digital files however you please.  If you want us to send postcards for you, they’re .80/card.  And email campaigns are $25 for up to 500 email addresses.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

The first few months you do these, you can expect to get a handful of ‘Thank You’s’ from your A-list.  Some people who you may have not heard from in years.  You should be receiving referrals in the first three months.

After three months, your clients will be expecting them.  You might get an email or two of people asking “What do you have in store for us next month!?”

Within six months, you will have built deeper relationships with your A and B list.  Within a year, you will have secured the #1 spot in the minds of your A/B list.  If they hear of someone looking for a home, you will instantly be the person they think of.

I guarantee that you will generate at a VERY MINIMUM of one referral that will turn into a deal for you.  That one deal give you, on average, a 3x return on your investment in the program for the entire year.  (And that’s only if one deal closes.  Many agents see more than that.)

Are There Any Situations Where the Referral Squirrel Won’t Work So Well for Agents?

Yes… In reality, this system might not even be for you. Here’s a list of characteristics of agents who should stay away from this system…

  • Agents trying to ‘turn and burn’ clients without building any sort of relationship with them
  • Average agents with a scarcity mindset who believe that someone must do something nice for them before they’ll ever consider doing something nice for others.
  • Agents who don’t believe that their income will rise based on how much they help others
  • Agents who aren’t committed to building their real estate business over time

Agents who are virtually guaranteed to see results are…

  • Agents who understand that their income in real estate is directly proportionate to the number and quality of relationships they have with others
  • Agents who sincerely appreciate their friends, family and clients who support their business
  • Agents who want deeper relationships with people, but don’t have much spare time to spend building them
  • Agents who are tired of throwing money away on marketing systems with lofty promises and zero results
  • Agents who have the majority of their business coming through referrals… or agents who want that luxury, but haven’t figured out how to attain it

If you find that you’re a good fit and you implement this system, you’ll have a marketing weapon, based on the secrets behind Dale Carnegie’s book, that psychologically bonds you to your top supporters and programs them to refer you at every possible opportunity.

I’m Digging This Idea… How Much Does It Cost?

When I started this program, I interviewed agents who had done something similar.  They’d work with a local business to offer $10 gift certificates to the business and they’d send these out to 100-200 people.

The problem was that each time a certificate was redeemed, the agent had to pay.  If you send to 200 people and 10% use it, you have to pay $200 ON TOP of the cost of the campaign.

We decided instantly that we would NEVER do that.

So with us, there is just one simple investment of $67 that you’ll make each month.

Okay – So What Exactly Do I Get When I Sign Up?

First, this gives you access to the deals so that you don’t pay anything extra when someone redeems the cards.  You can send it to 1000 people and it doesn’t matter… your cost is still only $67.

Second, Physical Postcard Design – I custom design a postcard with your headshot, logo, and contact information.  (and the postcards look *awesome*.)  That way it looks like they come directly from you.  You’ll get the PDF to send out.   A sample is below:

Third, Digital Card Design – We give you a custom digital version that you can print, email, or stuff in your newsletters.  Again, it’s custom with all of your information.  Another sample is below:

4)  Pre-written Email – I also give you an email that you can literally copy and paste to get results.  Here is a sample of what one might say:

Hockey gives you the best elements of many sports . You get the suspense of watching an object swish through a net (like basketball or soccer), the thrill of rambunctious brawls (boxing), the elegance of ice skating, and the utter brutality of football all combined into one action-packed event.

So grab a friend and go cheer for the Des Moines Bucs as they compete for the prestigious Clark Cup.  And since you’re one of my top supporters, you can get special ‘Buy-One-Ticket-Get-One-Free’ offer.  Just respond to this email and I’ll give you a certificate with all the details.

My business wouldn’t be possible without your referrals and support.  If you can think of anyone changing homes this holiday season, send me their information and I’ll do everything I can to help them.


So for $67, you get access to the deals and all the designs so you can reach as many people as you’d like.  You can send it via direct mail, email, print it an stuff it in newsletters or even hand these out at open houses.  There are a LOT of applications for it.

Do I Have to Sign a 6 or 12 Month Contract Like Most Businesses?

There are no commitments, no contracts, and no monthly minimums.  We’re not going to lock you into a 12 month program that you have to pay for up front.  Instead of forcing you into a contract, we believe that if we continue to deliver results, month after month, clients will happy continue to use the system.

What If I’m Really Busy?  Can You Just Do Everything For Me?

Absolutely.  We want this to be as hassle-free as possible.  If you want us to send postcards for you, it’s only .80/postcard.  That is for an awesome looking postcard printed on high quality material with a glossy UV finish.  It includes printing, postage and shipping.  All you have to do is upload a database and we take care of everything.

We offer a similar service for emails.  We will email your entire list for only $25 for up to 500 email addresses.  We draft the emails.  We add your signature.  We send it out.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the responses come rolling in.

What about cancellations or refunds?

If you’re not happy with the product at anytime just send us an email and we’ll refund your current month’s fee if the campaign hasn’t been sent out yet.

I’m In.  How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up is simple.  Just click the link below and fill out your information.  We’ll take care of everything else!

Referral Squirrel signup


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